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Hard Truths: Understanding the Skin You’re In

If you’re like most of the population, you have no idea what your skin type is, what’s safe to use on your specific skin, and how to create a regular skin care regimen.  It’s safe to say that all products are not universal for all skin types.  You want that soft, ageless, toned skin, but you’re not sure how to get there? First, let’s determine your skin type.  Let’s get back to the basics and discover something about the skin you’re living in!

By understanding your skin type, you can then make informed decisions about giving your skin the type of care and protection it needs NOW and for many years to come!

Dry Skin Type

A quick way to decide if this is your skin type is a few characteristics.  The skin will feel tight after washing, may appear dry, itchy, or flakey.  The lack of moisture is evident and the pores may be almost small to invisible.  This skin type is most prone to fine lines and wrinkles.  There’s TWO MAJOR ingredients this skin type wants to stay away from: harsh acids and alcohol.  These ingredients only worsen the dehydration and leave the skin looking damaged and thirsting for hydration!

Quick Fix? Hyaluronic Acid Serum, Ceramides, and a Ph Renewing Cleanser

Acne/Oily Skin Type

This is a hard truth to face.  Either you’re going through puberty or your skin looks like it is.  With this skin type, you’ll have a few of these characteristics: shiny appearance, enlarged pores, and be prone to occasional blackheads/acne.  Stay away from anything heavy!  This is going to worsen the breakouts and leaving you looking dewy, but not in a good way!

Quick Fix? Alpha beta pads, benzoyl wash, acne foam cleanser, acne light moisturizer, retinol

Normal/Combination Skin Type

Combination skin is probably one of the most confusing skin types! You have no idea how to treat it because you’re dry in some areas and oily in others.  You may have occasional breakouts around your T-zone and enlarged pores around your nose.

Quick Fix? Antioxidants, Gentle Exfoliants, and Ceramides.

The goal is not to feel defeated by your skin, but to begin to love the skin that you’re in by understanding how it works and looking for signs of what it needs so you can put your best face forward!